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Hire Well by Leadership-Link

Leadership-Link has built the HireWell app that generates a customized structured interview template to get at hard data for the soft skills desired in a candidate. HireWell Phase 1 produces an online or printable interview template that includes interview questions, a rating scale, and decision-making matrix.

The intelligence behind the app includes a robust set of clearly-defined interpersonal skills (often called competencies) and a related evidence-based rating scale.

Behavioral Event Interview (BEI) Questions: For each competency, there are several structured Behavioral Event Interview (BEI) questions. BEI questions are the best predictor of future performance.

Evidence-Based Rating Scale: An evidence-based rating scale brings hard data to the soft skills related to each competency. The rating scales include concrete behaviors and responses you would expect to hear from candidates and assigns a high, moderate, or low rating.

The proprietary database of competencies, questions, rating scales lives in the app. The user has the opportunity to build a custom database that is saved locally.

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