We are committed to a systems approach to organizational effectiveness. Learning does not stick and change does not take hold unless there is a strategic, integrated, and consistent system that reinforces the change or learning. At Leadership-Link, we have consulted with clients to build success profiles for individual positions, validated competency models for development and assessment, performance management systems and tools, effective hiring processes, professional interview practices, on-boarding programs, performance dashboards, and succession planning models and approaches. Our goal is to view the system, as it relates to the company’s mission and vision, core values, and project goals.

If you approach your organization as a system, your whole will be greater than the parts.

In order to work effectively within a team environment, leaders with technical expertise must also be strong
leaders of people and teams. At Leadership-Link we take a results-focused approach to building
leadership and team skills that drive team performance to its peak.
That is our mission.

Eileen Habelow, Ph. D.   |   CEO and Fonder   |   Leadership-Link, Inc.

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  • Karen Wolf Senior Director Drug Development Management at Takeda Oncology
    Karen Wolf
    Senior Director Drug Development Management at Takeda Oncology

    “LearningBursts are content rich and they address topics that are real and ongoing challenges for teams and leaders.
    The format is engaging and easy to use. This is something new and innovative on the e-learning horizon
    designed to meet the needs of a broad audience of people seeking relevant
    and really useful information at their fingertips.”

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