We’ve done the research for you! At Leadership-Link, we do the academic research looking for practices and habits that are PROVEN to bring results in the work world. We do this research to build our programs, share with our clients, and keep ourselves sharp and up to date.

We are making these research reports available to you as downloadable e-books or PDF documents



Decision-making is a key responsibility, and therefore a crucial competency for teams.

A key to success is the ability of team leaders to facilitate effective discussions that lead to smart decisions.

Another key to success is the ability of all team members to be knowledgeable, active participants in the process.

Every team makes hundreds, maybe even thousands of decisions.

This book is a summary of the relevant literature regarding decision-making in the context of a team environment.


The study of cognitive bias is meaningful in fields that attempt to explain social phenomena such as how some gamblers make decisions, how marketers get us to buy and how we might turn into lemmings once an idea takes hold. And, it is critical to the study of how we make decisions at work and at home.

It is big and complex.

This E-Booklet provides an overview what we know about cognitive bias and how it has an impact on our goal of achieving the highest quality of thought in our decision-making at work.

After uncovering the pain and risks of cognitive bias, this paper proposes steps we can take to combat the impact of such bias in the work world. This paper scratches the surface. But it gives you somewhere to start. If you can master the safeguards offered in this paper, you will make significant progress.


Conflict is inevitable.
Capitalizing on conflict is invaluable.
Building the capability to manage conflict is imperative.

Imagine the potential within an organization or a community if groups of people could regularly engage the most creative centers of all our brains! This EBook is a summary of some of the relevant literature about conflict and how to capitalize on conflict to get the most out of everyone.

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