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Lab To Patient: How Drugs are Developed Many of us have taken medicine in the past month, whether it was an over-the-counter remedy for a headache or a prescription treatment for something more severe. Have you ever wondered how the medicine made it from the research lab and into your hands? This LearningBurst dives into drug discovery and development, as well as the pre-clinical and clinical research process. You will learn about this complex process and the critical roles that people play in order to move to the drug from the Lab to the Patient. 39.00 10/17/2019 05/07/2020 10
Approval to Market: The Commercial Side of the Drug Development Industry Did you know that most big pharma companies spend more money on marketing and sales than they do on research and development? Wait, what? Yes, it is true. In our Lab to Patient LearningBurst you learned the steps taken during research and development. Scientists spend years researching and developing new medicines, but once the FDA has given the stamp of approval, what happens next? In Approval to Market, you will explore the roles of marketing and sales—a large workforce of people who are focused on getting the best medicines and therapies to the patients who need them—while following strict regulations and guidelines for sales and marketing. 39.00 10/17/2019 08/04/2020 10
Pharmacovigilance For people outside of the industry, the word Pharmacovigilance isn’t exactly clear… until you break it down. Pharmaco, represents pharmacy, medicines, therapies, and vigilance means to keep a careful watch for dangers. In this 30-minute LearningBurst, you will learn about when and how to report safety information to your Pharmacovigilance team. Various scenarios will unfold to help you recognize when you are responsible for communicating information. 39.00 10/17/2019 08/04/2020 10
Insider Trading The goal of every company is to prevent insider trading or even the appearance of impropriety. Each employee plays an important role in protecting the company. Companies are obligated to train their employees to ensure compliance with the laws and the understanding of each company’s Insider Trading Policy. In this 30-minute LearningBurst, we will cover the essentials of insider trading laws, explore the difference between material and non-material, public and non-public information, and the actions that are actions that are permissible or not permissible in several common situations. 39.00 10/21/2019 05/07/2020 13
Cyber security According to research completed for the White House by The Council of Economic Advisers, it is estimated that malicious cyber activity cost the U.S. economy between $57 billion and $109 billion in 2016. And, even worse, according to the National Institute of Standards & Technology, 80% of the compromises happen because of the actions of people INSIDE the company, both intentionally and unintentionally. In this 30-minute LearningBurst you will learn about Cybersecurity risks and actions you can take to protect your company’s confidential and intellectual property. 39.00 10/21/2019 08/06/2020 13
Delivering Feedback on Fly Feedback is an essential element to effective coaching. It provides a compass around what an employee should start, stop, and/or continue doing to improve performance. Research shows that 80% of employees want to be developed, but only 1/3 report receiving the necessary feedback they need to improve. In this 30-minute LearningBurst, Delivering Feedback on the Fly, we will explore how timing is everything, facts beat judgments, how to collaborate, not compete, and what to do when a conversation has gone awry. 39.00 11/14/2019 08/04/2020 11
Curious Questioning Nothing evokes more trust and enthusiastic participation from your team members than authentic, sincere, genuine curiosity about their ideas and thinking. The answers to your Curious Questions give everyone on the team access to the best thoughts and innovative ideas of the collective team. In this 30-minute LearningBurst, you will explore the neuroscience of performance and leadership, how to ask truly curious questions, the importance of engaged listening, and how to build trust by avoiding advice-giving. 39.00 11/15/2019 08/04/2020 11
Designing Action and Accountability Plans A great idea without an associated plan is just wishful thinking. Designing Action and Accountability Plans transforms high-level thinking, taking it from hypothetical to real. In this 30-minute LearningBurst we will explore various processes that help take an idea from concept to concrete, and how to build an accountability plan so that team members know WHO does WHAT by WHEN. 39.00 11/15/2019 08/04/2020 11
Combat Cognitive Bias Cognitive bias is defined as limitations in our thinking that may cause errors in judgment and decisions. You might be wondering – “Do I have cognitive bias?” Or, maybe you’re thinking – “I have seen cognitive bias in others – but not me. I’m not biased.” Guess what? If you have a brain, you are, in fact, biased—and those biases impact your research, your analysis and the decisions you make every day. In this 30-minute LearningBurst, you will explore what unconscious cognitive bias is, how to recognize it, how it impacts the goal of achieving the highest quality of thought in analysis and decision-making, and define steps you can take to combat the impact of Cognitive Bias in your work. 39.00 11/15/2019 08/04/2020 14
Driving Effective Decision-Making We love it when our teams debate forever and ever and then make “ok” decisions that don’t really stick... said no one ever! What if your team was committed to an approach for effective decision-making conversations that turned this entire statement around? What if you knew when to debate, when to decide, and how to make sure you had covered your bases? These critical skills become more and more important as organizations grow and evolve. In this 30-minute LearningBurst, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of healthy debate and sound Decision-Making processes that will set your team up for long-term success. 39.00 11/15/2019 08/04/2020 14
Capitalize on Conflict Research shows there is incredible value to be found by organizations that build the capability to Capitalize on Conflict and get the most out of the diversity of experience and opinions in the organization. The dynamics of constructive conflict always lead to a better solution or decision than one reached through only one view or “group think”. In this 30-minute LearningBurst, you will learn various models for not only managing conflict, but how to harness and capitalize on it. Your new perspective will redefine the word 'conflict,' dispelling negative connotations and opening space for a positive and powerful context. 39.00 11/15/2019 08/04/2020 14
Have Difficult Conversations with Clarity and Care At times in the workplace (and in life) you have to have a conversation that you may not want to address and the receiver may not be interested in receiving. If you allow the message to remain un-delivered, you create an environment where the issues fester and a clear path to great collaboration is not restored. In this 30-minute LearningBurst, you will be introduced to Leadership-Link’s IOIC difficult conversation model. The IOIC model (Intent – Observation – Impact – Change) is a simple technique to support team members, colleagues and friends have a difficult conversation. 39.00 03/19/2020 08/04/2020 12
Effective Communication: Find Your Voice We live in a world where everyone is talking. As a result, listeners must choose which voices to listen to and which voices to filter out. When you speak in a world of constant communication you face the challenge of convincing your audience of 1 or 1,000 that you are a voice worth listening to. In this 30-minute LearningBurst, you will learn the secret behind captivating an audience so they both hear and remember what you say in a world where everyone is talking and few people are listening. Be the voice people choose to listen to! 39.00 03/25/2020 08/04/2020 12
Harassment and Discrimination Part 1: Defining, Recognizing, and Taking Action Harassment and Discrimination in the workplace is a topic that all companies need to be in front of. Providing continual training for employees is essential in creating a culture of respect and inclusion. Part 1: Defining, Recognizing, and Taking Action Against Harassment and Discrimination Defines harassment and discrimination, explores how to recognize it, and covers your role—taking action if you are victim, acting as an advocate for others, and reporting information immediately. This LearningBurst also introduces steps for building an inclusive work environment. This course is a prerequisite for Harassment and Discrimination Part 2. 39.00 03/26/2020 08/04/2020 13
Harassment and Discrimination Part 2: A Leader's Role Harassment and Discrimination in the workplace is a topic that all companies need to be in front of. Providing continual training for employees is essential in creating a culture of respect and inclusion. Part 2: A Leader’s Role Explores the role of a leader—the specific responsibilities, how to address harassment with team members, and managing a complaint of harassment. Harassment and Discrimination Part 1 is a prerequisite for this course. Learners will not have access without completing Part 1 first. 39.00 03/26/2020 08/04/2020 13
Ergonomics in Your Home Office(Ergo) Is working from home causing you some pain? Maybe in your neck, under your shoulder blades, in your lower back, arms or hands? It may even be in the form of a nagging headache. All of these are examples of pain that can be caused from working in an environment that is not ergonomically correct. Simply put, ergonomics is the study of how people’s bodies function in certain work environments. When working from home day in and day out, in a space that is not ergonomically correct, pain will eventually start to creep in. If you don’t make a change, short-term muscle pain can turn in to long-term chronic issues. In this 15-minute LearningBurst we will cover how to set up your home office to be pain free and introduce you to a few stretching exercising you can do throughout the day to remove tension in the most common pain points. 39.00 04/27/2020 08/04/2020 9
Building a Culture of Accountability Accountability is a word you hear often in the workplace. Perhaps when you hear the term, you think of the tasks that are assigned to individuals by their manager, or responsibilities that are required because of a job description. While those are certainly a piece of accountability, building a culture of accountability involves an intentional and strategic approach where the leader uses consistent clarity over time, while leading his or her team on alignment, responsibilities, and ownership. In this LearningBurst we will discuss the what, why, and how for building a culture of accountability within your team—a culture in which it is not just the leader driving the performance, instead, all employees feel a sense of ownership for the team’s results. 39.00 05/06/2020 08/04/2020 15
Delegate to Develop Delegation is a critical skill, yet it remains one of the most underutilized and undeveloped management capabilities. According to industry research, most companies are concerned about how their employees handle delegation, yet less than 30% of companies actually offer training on this topic. In this 30-minute LearningBurst, we will explore practical applications and critical insights on how you can get work done THROUGH you, not BY you, so that everyone grows. The focus is on delegating to develop others—not just get things off your plate—by first considering your people, then deciding what you can and should delegate, and finally, coaching to the competence of your team member. 0.00 06/25/2020 08/04/2020 15
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